Member Testimonials

As an active investor who gets reports from Merril Lynch, UBS, Motley Fool and several others, I think your letters and stock picks are really well thought out and explained. Thank you.

Wow, I’ve been subscribed to your e-mail for about 2 months now, I’ve already learned so much! Thank you!

I love your research btw. I have invested in 2-3 companies you recommended and all of them made me money. Keep up the good work

I enjoy your newsletter thanks so much I appreciate it!

Hey! Happy new year! Just wanted to shoot a message through and say I’m a big fan of your page – especially your newsletter. I can tell you that your organization is definitely going places!

Just wanted to say thank you for all the content you put out! The newsletter is a really good read! Just wanted to say well done and to keep doing what you’re doing

I’m sure lots of people tell you, but still wanted to tell you how great your work is keep it up!! very good content and clear/ reasonable explanation to everything, looking forward to more newsletters!!

Good day, I hope you are well. Firstly, I would like to say thank you for your great newsletters! It’s a integral part of my weekly routine! I am 21 years old, and living in South Africa.

I really love your newsletters!! Thank you for today’s read. I would have never know about that stock you talked about today! Def going to buy a few shares of it this week!!!

Just want to say thank you for the great newsletter!!! Pubmatic just rocks the earnings too. Both Upwork and Pubmatic are carrying my portfolio in such a bloody day. Definitely my fav long term hold!!!! Please keep up the good work!

Thank you Great newsletters bdw, very digestible with great insights

I love your mailings! So thanks for the content!

Hi just want to pop by all the way from Singapore to give props on your page! Have absolutely made a killing based on your analysis, especially on FIGS!

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