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💻Software as a Service (SaaS)
AppFolio, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
AppFolio, Inc. provides cloud-based software solutions to the 🏘️property management and ⚖️legal industries. While not a consumer-facing brand, Appfolio is a leader in its field with revenues up 34.8% year-over-year in 2019 and earnings up 81.7% the same period. We expect this strong performance to continue, and for Appfolio stock to keep outperforming.

(APPF) HoldMid
Brand Styleguide - Avalara
Avalara Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Avalara provides cloud-based transaction tax compliance solutions. As boring as this may sound, Avalara increased revenues 28% y-o-y in 2019. We believe the stock will be a multibagger in the mid-term, as transaction tax compliance becomes complicated and demand for Avalara’s tax automation services will increase.

(AVLR) HoldMid
Alteryx - Avaap
Alteryx, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Alteryx, Inc. is a subscription-based platform that allows organizations to prepare, blend, and analyze data from a multitude of sources and benefit from data-driven decisions. In a digital world, entreprises must deal with increasing amounts of data, and Alteryx’s solution are in big demand. That’s why sales in 2019 doubled from previous year.

(AYX) HoldMid
Bill.com Reviews: Pricing & Software Features 2020 - Financesonline.com
Bill.com Holdings Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Bill.com provides software that automates the financial operations of small and midsize businesses, such as accounts payable and accounts receivable. Revenue increased 66% in 2019, and we expect the high-growth phase to continue in the future as businesses become more digital.

(BILL) HoldMid
Coupa & Taxback International Deutsch
Coupa Software, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Coupa Software provides business spend management (BSM) solutions to companies of all sizes. As entreprizes adapt to the digital world, Coupa provides a necessary service to all companies, and the 109% revenue growth in 2019 shows that Coupa Software will continue winning in the future.

CrowdStrike Logo Vector (.AI) Free Download
CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Crowdstrike provides cloud-delivered cybersecurity solutions through a SaaS subscription-based model. Revenue surged 110% in 2019, but we believe the companay is still in the very early stages of growth as cybersecurity is a sector with strong growth prospects.🚀

Press Kit | Datadog
Datadog, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Datadog, Inc. develops cloud-based solutions for the IT departments, providing services for infrastructure and application performance monitoring. The company’s hyper-growth rates proves the quality and the stickiness of its platform, as revenue almost doubled in 2019 from a year ago. Datadog is also one of the few high-growth software names that is profitable and cash-flow positive!💸

Simplify Docusign Processes | K2 Process Automation
DocuSign, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
There’s no doubt that 🖋️electronic signing of documents is the future. That’s DocuSign’s main offering and is so good at it, that it has become a ~$40 billion company. DocuSign is the clear winner of digitization and ofthe emerge of remote-work. Just don’t bet against DocuSign.

NCNO logo nCino Bank Operating System
nCino, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
nCino is not a consumer-facing company so you may never have heard of it before. The company’s mission is to modernize the operating systems of banks, so they can compete with new fintech startups that offer more consumer-friendly services than the established banks. nCino is on the multibagger list as its cloud-based operating system is much needed and the 150% surge in trading debut earlier this year, shows that investors believe in this name, and we believe in it too!

Logos | Okta
Okta Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Okta is the leader in identity management services for the enterprise. The firm’s products include single sign-on, multi factor authentication, API access management, authentication, user management, and lifecycle management. Okta is growing fast (47% revenue growth in 2019), as its platform provides security and ease of use for companies. We expect this strong performance to continue.

(OKTA) HoldMid
Paycom logo and branding style guide | Paycom
Paycom Software, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Paycom provides cloud-based human capital management (HCM) software solutions. This is a much-needed service for companies, to manage the complete employment life cycle from recruitment to retirement. It is a well-managed, high-growth– 30% revenue growth in 2019– and profitable company.👌

(PAYC) BuyLow
Smartsheet down? Current problems and outages | Downdetector
Smartsheet, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Smartsheet’s product is a cloud-based platform for work management.It offers ways for customers to plan and manage their work using grids, projects, cards, and calendars. Employees and entrepreneurs always look for ways to increase their productivity and Smartsheet provides the platform. The 60% surge in revenue in 2019, shows that Smartsheet is a great product–the most important thing for a company’s long-term success!🎉

zoominfo logo - Kiuwan
ZoomInfo Technologies, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
An analyst has called ZoomInfo “the holy grail of sales!” Why such a kind words? The company offers a cloud-based platform that helps sales and marketing teams find clients in the digital world.🧑‍💻 The platform offers sales leadership, sales development, marketing and demand generation; sales and marketing operations; and recruiting. Revenue more than doubled in 2019, which indicates the huge demand for the company’s software. The company’s also cash-flow positive, a rarity among high-growth software names!

(ZI) BuyMid
Zscaler | SpyCloud
Zscaler, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Zscaler’s product is a cloud-based internet security platform. The company has a strong performance with sales up 60% in 2019. The momentum is expected to continue as the increase in remote-work make Zscaler’s services a must for all companies.

(ZS) BuyMid
🦍Growing Giants
Stocks Real-TimeRecommendationRisk
amazon-logo-transparent - David C Cook
Amazon.com Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
You’re probably thinking that we must be crazy to have Amazon on a list with multibagger stocks. It’s already a $1.5 trillion company, how much more could it grow? Amazon is a huge company but it’s still growing like a young fast-growing business. It has achieved that thanks to its AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud computing department. We believe that Amazon can continue growing fast enough to have a place on this multibagger list.

Netflix – Logos Download
Netflix Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Netflix is still a fast-growing company with revenues increasing 27% in 2019. As the leader in streaming services, Netflix can continue outperforming the market and creating massive shareholder value.💰

VMworld 2017 Tech Preview: NVIDIA, vMotion, Resume and restart -  robbeekmans.net
NVIDIA Corporation

Why a multibagger?🤔
Nvidia is an unbeatable beast in the artificial intelligence, gaming and data center sectors. It’s growing revenues by 20%, and we believe it can continue doing so, as it’s the leader in all the sectors above.💪

Shopify – Logos Download
Shopify, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Shopify is called the biggest threat to Amazon. Not the company itself, as it doesn’t sell products like Amazon, but its best in class platform that provides independent retailers with a quick an easy way to build their online shop. It’s the leader in ecommerce solutions, and with a market cap of ~$100 billion and revenue growth of 100% in most recent quarter, Shopify is probably the largest growth company on the planet!🌎

Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications
Tesla Inc

Why a multibagger?🤔
Tesla is not the typical car company. Its different business model of vertical integration will make Tesla a much more profitable company than rivals in full scale. It doesn’t sell its car through dealerships, and builds its batteries and the autonomous-driving software in-house. Tesla is already the leader in electric cars and we expect to stay on the top and continue rewarding investors.💸

🌱Emerging Brands
Stocks Real-TimeRecommendationRisk
Beyond Meat - Wikipedia
Beyond Meat Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Shares of the plant-based meat maker are not cheap, but when you have a company that disrupts an entire industry, and growing at 100%+ a year, you cannot have a cheap stock price. We expect Beyond Meat🌱 to continue growing super-fast and create massive value for its shareholderls.

Corporate Logos — The Zone Escape Rooms
Carvana Co.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Carvana is disrupting the used car industry with its eCommerce platform for buying used cars in the U.S. People love this new way to buy a car as revenues almost doubled in 2019 from a year ago. Used car space is huge and Carvana is just getting started. Sh

DraftKings - Wikipedia
DraftKings, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
🎰DraftKings is a fast-growing online sports-betting platform. Revenue surged 43% in 2019 and, as more and more states legalize online-betting, DraftKings’s user base and revenue will continue growing.

Lemonade Renters Insurance Reviews | 2020 Guide | U.S. News
Lemonade, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Lemonade is disrupting the trillion dollar insurance industry. It’s growing super-fast, tripling revenues in 2019 from a year ago, but it’s still deeply unprofitable. It’s the classic example of a high-risk but potentially high-reward stock.

Peloton Logo | Biking workout, Vector logo, Peloton
Peloton Interactive, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Peloton pioneered the connected, technology-enabled fitness.The company is growing fast, with revenues more than doubling in 2019. Despite its premium-priced indoor 🚴bike and tread, people love the quality and choose Peloton over other, more affordable options.

Vital+Farms+Logo (1000×1002) | Farm logo, Logos, School logos
Vital Farms, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Like Beyond Meat, Vital Farms capitalizes on the growing consumer demand for ethically-produced foods. The company is the biggest producer of pasture-raised eggs🥚 and with revenues growing 30% annualy, Vital Farms has a bright future as a public company.

Vroom - Entry Level Customer Support, Purchasing
Vroom, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
🚗Vroom is Carvana’s competitor, as it runs its own online used-car selling platform. It’s smaller than Carvana but it’s growing fast– sales increased 40% in 2019. The used-car space is huge so both companies can thrive.

Wingstop's Garlic Parmesan Wings | Wingstop, Boneless wings, Gluten free  menu
Wingstop, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Wingstop is the only restaurant stock on the Multibagger list. We see Wingstop as the McDonald’s of the new age. The bulk of its revenue comes from digital sales of its chicken wings, that sell like crazy and help the company achieve 30% sales growth per year. Wingstop is not your typical restaurant chain.🍴

Download Yeti® - Yeti Logo - Full Size PNG Image - PNGkit
YETI Holdings Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
YETI is often called the Apple of outdoor activities.🌲 It’s a new and fast-growng consumer brand, known for its premium coolers that can cost thousands of dollars. It’s a well-managed, profitable company, and we believe it can geneate great returns for investors.💸

💮Health,Wellness & Planet
One Medical - Emeryville - Emeryville - CA
1Life Healthcare, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
1Life Healthcare (doing business as One Medical) runs a chain of primary healthcare clinics. One Medical is a membership-based primary care service and is backed by Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. Revenues increased 30% in 2019.

Nano-X Imaging Ltd.

Why a multibagger?🤔
We believe Nano-X Imaging could become the next Tesla. It’s building a machine that could disrupt the century-old X-ray industry. Despite the fact that its machine is not FDA approved yet, Nano-X has deals to install some 4,500 units in several countries, with each unit to generate recurring royalty payments for the company.💸

SolarEdge | A World Leader in Smart Energy
SolarEdge Technologies, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Solar energy is the future and SolarEdge Technologies is our favorite company in the space. It builds photovoltaic inverters, power optimizers, software tools, and electric vehicle chargers, in other words the tools we need to make 🌞solar energy our main energy source. With revenues growing 53% in 2019, this company can create massive value for its shareholders.

The right care when you need it most | Teladoc®
Teladoc Health, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Virtual healthcare is a huge and growing space, and Teladoc is the undisputed leader. The company was already growing revenues 30% per year, but after the COVID-19 pandemic, the growth accelerated. If you believe in the digital future of healthcare, Teladoc is the name to consider.

Virgin Galactic Logo Vector (.EPS) Free Download
Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
🌌Virgin Galactic wants to revolutionize space travel and send ordinary people into space, not for research but for tourism. We admit that this company is a risky investment but if it delivers on its promise, it could be one of the best performing stocks out there. The perfect stock for adventurous investors!

👨‍💻For Internet Entrepreneurs
BigCommerce – Logos Download
BigCommerce Holdings, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
BigCommerce is the smaller version of Shopify. It offers an eCommerce platform for independent retailers to create their e-shops. BigCommerce could be your second chance for Shopify-sized gains.

Make Money Fast! 150 Legit Ways To Make Quick Cash - SurveysSay
Fiverr International Ltd.

Why a multibagger?🤔
If you’re an internet entrepreneur or a freelancer, you probably know this platform. Gig economy is booming, and Fiverr that lets you hire a digital freelancer for as low as $5, is the clear winner. We believe that Fiverr is just getting started!🚀

Multi-Touch Attribution for The Trade Desk
The Trade Desk, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
We believe that The Trade Desk is one of the best growth stocks on the market. The company offers a data-driven platform for advertising buyers. Since going public four years ago, sales have quadripled and the stock has gained 1,450%🚀, which proves the superior quality of the service.

Twilio – Logos Download
Twilio, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Twilio is the perfect company for the digital age. It helps businesses create tailor-made voice, video, and text communication services. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated Twilio’s ascent into the mainstream because cloud-based voice and video connections are all the rage in this era of work-from-home policies.

Zendesk – Logos Download
Zendesk, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Zendesk’s cloud-based platform, which provides customer service tools💬 via phone, email, chat, and social media networks, is in great demand as companies increasingly rely on online channels. Zendesk is the leader in the space with more than 160,000 worldwide.

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Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
You probably don’t need introduction to Zoom Video, as the COVID-19 pandemic has made it a household name. However, you probably don’t know how spectacularly has this company performed since its IPO in 2019. Zoom is one the the best growth stocks that ever existed on markets and while it’s probably the most expensive stock on the market, the 200%🚀 revenue growth per year justifies its sky-high valuation, that’s now bigger than legacy names like IBM.

💳My Money Please
Shift4 Payments Logo Vector (.SVG) Free Download
Shift4 Payments, Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Shift4 Payments💳 is part of the hot fintech industry that’s focused on moving consumers and enterprises away from cash. The company doesn’t provide just a payment platform, but a suite of cloud-based business intelligence tools that provide enterprises with actionable spending and pricing analytics.

Square Inc.

Why a multibagger?🤔
Square started out making credit-card readers that allowed merchants to accept payments using their smartphones, and it has expanded as a provider of financial services, all focused on payments and transactions. Now the Cash App📱, an app that allows people to send and receive money is its most successful and fastest-growing business, with first quarter’s revenue up 197% from the previous first quarter.