We wanted to build a game-changer platform for growth investors and we did it! After researching every growth stock–the stocks that have the highest posibilities for multibagger returns– that exists on U.S. markets, according to criteria such as revenue growth, profitability, business model, innovation, management, and more, we’ve distilled the 50 best of them, and we created the MI Multibaggers 50 List.

The list is dynamic; stocks that don’t meet our criteria anymore will get removed from the list and companies that meet our criteria will get added. We believe all of the stocks on the list are great long-term holdings when bought at the right price.

This is why we have a BUY, HOLD & TRIM recommendation for every single stock. All companies are not created equally, so we also add the level of risk for every stock with a LOW, MID & HIGH mark.

Let’s see how to read the recommendations and risk levels:

BUY: We rate a stock a “Buy” when we believe it’s at the right price to adding it to your long-term portfolio.

HOLD: Stocks with a “Hold” rating essentially means wait for a possible better entry point.

TRIM: Why trim and not sell? Because we don’t believe in selling high-quality stocks, it’s that simple. If a company doesn’t meet our standards anymore will get it out of the List. When a great stock gets too love from markets we prefer to trim the position instead of selling it altogether. So, if you don’t own a stock with a “Trim” recommendation just wait for a better buying point. If you own the stock, you could trim your position and keep cash or invest in other stocks with a “Buy” recommendation.

Every time we change a stock’s recommendation you’ll get alerted by email, so you never lose a buying opportunity!

Now, you’re probably asking how to choose which one of these 50 stocks* to buy. That’s why we’ve added risk level and we’ve separated them in themes.

If you’re an aggressive investor with an appetite for risk, you can choose one of the stocks marked as risky. Risk and Volatility will be higher, but they have also the biggest reward potential.

Stocks with a “Mid” level of risk have a history of great performance and a great future potential.

Stocks with a “Low” level of risk, are companies which we consider safe enough, yet their growth makes them qualify for the MI Multibagger 50 list.

After checking the recommendation and risk levels you can choose to buy a stock from your favorite theme. If you don’t like the complicated software stocks, for example, you can choose from the emerging brands, or from the high-profile growing giants. Choose from stocks you love, understand, and believe in!

50 stocks*: The number of stocks on the list will not be always 50. If we don’t find stocks that meet our multibagger criteria, well’not add stocks just to fill the list. We only add the best ones!

I wish you happy and successful investing!

George Babis, Millioner Investor Founder

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