I’m George, (Say hello on Twitter).

I’m the founder and main writer of Millioner Investor, an Instagram-first investing newsletter and community.

In our newsletter, we analyze potential future multibaggers as well as investment opportunities that are not covered widely. Our community is only a few months old but we’ve already discovered early, high-flying stocks such as Kura Sushi USA ($KRUS) or Upstart Holdings ($UPST). You can check out our performance here.

I’ve been reading about investing since my school days and have invested in multibaggers such as Inmode Ltd. ($INMD), DocuSign ($DOCU), and others. I created Millioner Investor to connect with like-minded people and help fellow investors discover high quality growth stocks before they explode.

Now we’re a community of thousands and our newsletter counts more than 4,500 Millioners. I hope to get to know you soon!

For any questions or feedback feel free to reach out by email or DM.

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